Legacy Men

Growing strong fathers, husbands, and workers through fellowship

What Our Men's Group Is About

Godly fathers, husbands, workers, and business owners is one of the most important building blocks on the foundation of our future generations. That's why we encourage the men in our church to get involved in our Legacy Men's Ministry Group. Our group helps men develop Godly traits like discipleship, accountability, encouragement, and spiritual growth! This is a place where lives are changed for the better, marriages are strengthened or even saved, addictions are shattered, and leadership is developed.

We aren't here to beat each other over the head with Bibles, but rather to grow and connect with other men in our church. We aren't here to pressure you to become more committed or be more involved, but to give you an opportunity to forge new relationships and grow in your faith. Our events not only help you GROW spiritually and CONNECT with other men of faith, but have FUN in fellowship with one another while enjoying outdoor and indoor activities and games, sports, fishing, hunting, camping, cookouts and more!  Our Men’s Ministry Group wouldn’t be complete without YOU!

Coming up next

Our Legacy Men's group is hosting a Wild Beast Feast on the first weekend in November! This feast is a time for our men to welcome Greg Lee back home from his treatment process, so it will be held at Greg's house (located right next to the Upper Building on campus).

In true Wild Beast style, we are asking all of you men to bring ONLY wild meat. That's right, don't bring that boring old chicken, beef, or pork. Bring that deer meat, those fish you caught recently, or something like elk, goose, duck, dove, grouse, squirrel, or even snake (just make sure it's dead first 😂).

If your choice of meet takes longer than 30 minute to bake, please bring it already cooked. Otherwise, we plan to a grill will be available and ready by noon.

We also need rolls, side dishes, and desserts. We'll provide drinks, but be sure to bring a lawn chair. Sign up below to let us know you're coming and what you plan to bring!