The Loop

A student group for those in 4th - 6th grade

What is The Loop?

The Loop is our student class that meets on Sunday mornings and Sunday nights for those in 4th - 6th grade!

Loop is designed to help kids discover who God is and find confidence in who they are in Him.

When does Loop meet?

Our Loop students will meet every Sunday morning unless you're directed otherwise. Your students will be part of our normal worship service and then they'll be dismissed to their designated rooms with our other classes before the message.

Our loop students will return to their seat with you before service ends! No need to check them out or pick them up in their rooms.

We also have The Loop each Sunday night as other student groups and adult Life Groups meet for our Sunday Night Experience.

Any 6th grade students are also invited to join all of our SWITCH functions (our student group for grades 7-12) so that they can begin to build relationships and transition into our Switch group.

Find out more about Switch here.

Do I need to check my students in?

Yes! Just check your Loop student's in like you do your L-Kids. If you've never checked into our system before, we do need some information from you about your student! With this information in our system, we'll be able to check your kids in before service begins on Sunday mornings!

Just click the button below and fill out the form below with all of the information you can provide so that we can be as accurate as possible with our info system and check your kids in effectively!