Loop/Switch - Midweek

We're adding a midweek session for our Loop & Switch Students on Wednesday nights

Wednesday Nights | 6:30PM | Loop & Switch Rooms

Loop & Switch are our student ministries here at Legacy for students 4th-12th Grade (Loop 4th - 6th / Switch 7th - 12th). We decided to add in a Loop/Switch option during our midweek service on Wednesday nights and we're excited for your students to join us! You can find a midweek group you'll enjoy and be a part on Wednesday nights knowing that your students have something geared towards them that's keeping them engaged with the Lord and building a biblical foundation!

These two student groups will break out on Wednesday nights and focus on relevant topics for their age and where they are in life! Just fill out the form below to let us know your students will be joining us for Midweek!

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