Wild At Heart

A men's group designed to mentor men in handy work, skills, and their spiritual walk

Saturdays | 6:00PM | David Ennis & Russ Rice

John Eldredge's Wild at Heart is an exploration, study, and journey to learn God's design of the masculine heart. He was made to be strong, passionate, and capable. Every man has a calling to live a great cause. Become a man who has come alive by finding your Battle, Adventure and Beauty alongside your brethren.

This is a group for men of all ages where we explore our relationship with our Heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ. We will look at Scripture to guide our knowledge of this relationship and share our experiences with our earthly fathers & father figures as we grow closer together. A major theme is to learn godly masculinity through time in the Word, time with other men, and adventure.

This theme will be complemented by an experiential component where we can learn "manly" skills that satisfy our God given desire for adventure, creativity, work, and exercising leadership. Our group leader, Russ, has a heart for young men who perhaps have not had a father present in their childhood, but also for men of all ages who have a void in their heart because of something missing in their father/son relationship.

´╗┐We will explore how God completes us and will fill in gaps that our earthly dads missed by working on cars, learning how to drive a nail, cut down a tree, tie a knot in a rope, or dozens of other "manly" skills while creating a safe and fun environment to learn and grow.

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