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Who's up for some great games, food, and a movie together?! ✋

Well, we (Cody & Ciera) are putting together a game night at our house here in town on Friday night, March 15th! We'll start the festivities with food and games at 7PM and we'll probably enjoy a movie together as the night goes on (We're thinking a Jumanji themed party with games and then watch the newest movie together?! 🤓).

So what here's a list of things you need to know to come!

👶Childcare: Usually, for our YA events we have childcare, but due to the lack of use over the last several events we're not offering that for this game night! So, it's up to you to find care and join in on the fun!

🍕Food: Yes, we want you to bring something! We'll be doing party food (we're getting the pizza) so bring your favorite dip with chips, your favorite finger food, your favorite two liter or drink, or some cray good dessert!

⏰Time: We're meeting at 7PM at our house (we'll send you directions as you sign up, so BE SURE TO SIGN UP BELOW IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND) and we'll go until people get tired or we kick everyone out 😜

😬Beanbags: Yes, I said beanbags! If, by some random chance, you have a beanbag, go ahead and bring it! We have a pretty big couch, but you never know how many people will show👍

Go ahead and ask off of work so you can join us! Rsvp below by filling out this form!